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04 asa + pc
03 asa + pc
02 asa + pc
06 asa + pc

Body to Body

A clear reference to the perfect harmony between man and the everyday object. A decisive shape in perfect equilibrium with the physicality of the body.

technical data

ASA+PC or polycarbonate.

54x52x H83

stacking chair, chrome steel frame ø 16mm, painted or in stainless steel.

01 asa + pc02 asa + pc03 asa + pc04 asa + pc05 asa06 asa
01 polycarbonate02 polycarbonate03 polycarbonate04 polycarbonate05 polycarbonate06  polycarb

10 chrome
15 silver painted
silver outdoor
12 stainless steel
16 glossy painted2324 glossy painted19 glossy painted25 glossy painted18 glossy painted