11 polypropylene11 polypropylene

Chiacchiera 25

A concrete and captivating shape, versatile in its multiple possibilities of use. Conceived with a definitive monocoque, in which the support structures become mere underscoring.

technical data

Polypropylene, ASA+PC or polycarbonate.

52x56x H84

Stacking chair with painted steel frame ø 25mm.

42 Peach Echo Red Matt43 Ocra Gold Yellow Matt44 Serenity Light Blue Matt33 Avio Blue Matt01 White Matt07 Black Matt
01 asa + pc02 asa + pc03 asa + pc04 asa + pc05 asa + pc
02 polycarbonate03 polycarbonate04 polycarbonate06 polycarbonate

15 silver painted
7016 Anthracite Glossy7016 Anthracite Matt

16 White Glossy23 Ocra Gold Yellow Glossy Matt31 Avio Blue Glossy