In all its interpretations, the design of the brand transmits an “engaging sensation” generated by the vast array of versions and colour variants that are the distinctive features of the label. Over time the collection Parri  has created an universe of “possible” design, hinging on the use of new materials and the experimentation of innovative production processes. These are the guidelines that have mapped out the process of corporate growth, in synergy with its designers.

The bond between company and designers has marked out the stages of constant growth of the collection starting with the CHIACCHIERA collection, International GRANDESIGN Award 1997 and IIDA Award 1997, Product Design Achievement Awards, followed by the project  BLABLABLA, special mention at the Young & Design competition 1999, and then BODY TO BODY which carried off the Good Design Award 2008, and LOVELY which won the Grandesign Etico International Award 2008. A bond between company and designers that places the emphasis on the possibility of creating a relationship of skill-sharing in reciprocal dialogue, harmonizing aesthetic demands and functional requirements and discovering together an endpoint of constant balance. The Parri collection is particularly active in the following sectors : contact, real estate, community, franchising, showroom, design projects, TV and cinema productions, schools and universities, sport clubs. Its numerous illustrious clients include Mercedes Benz, BMW, Louvre Museum, Microsoft, Apple, McDonald’s, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, RAI, Mediaset, France 2, MACEF, Cosmit.